Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine, Improve Fatigue Strength

Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine, Improve Fatigue Strength

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: JX-HTS-02 Hits: 104

Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer JX Offers Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine, Multiple Sizes, Fatigue Strength, High-efficient Blast Wheels.

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Detail Infomation

1. Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine is a kind of high efficiency shot blasting machine with non-pit.
2. Large inner available cleaning space, compacted structure and scientific design, can be designed and manufactured according to the order.
3. No special request for the work piece structure, can be used for different kind of work pieces.
4. Widely used in cleaning and strengthen for Fragile or Irregularly Shaped Parts, Medium-sized or Large Parts, Die Cast Parts, Sand Removal and External Finishing.

Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine is design to handle mix load of medium & large components including fragile & irregular shapes. Small components can also be cleaned by loading into carrier basket. Various work handing schemes like straight, tee, y and continuous loop is possible. It can handle load upto 5000 kg/hanger or more.

Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine are used for desanding and decoring of pieces. small, medium and very large parts can be economically cleaned.

Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine Details Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine Details

1. Main blast cabinet with inspection door.
2. Blast wheel units with drive mechanism.
3. Abrasive circulation unit.
4. Bucket elevator unit.
5. Abrasive separation/cleaning system with storage hopper.
6. Dust collector with cleaning mechanism.
7. Roller conveyor system at inlet & outlet side.
8. Control panel with PLC control system.

Technical Parameters
Hook Type Shot Blasting Machines
Item Unit DX376 DX378B DX378C DX3710 DX3720 DX3730 DX3750 DX37100
Max. weight of cleaning kg 500 600 800 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
Abrasive flow rate kg/min 2*200 2*200 2*250 2*250 3*250 3*250 4*250 4*250
Ventilation capacity m3/h 5000 5000 5000 5000 9000 11000 14000 16000
Lifting amount of elevating conveyor t/h 24 24 30 30 45 45 60 75
Separating amount of separator t/h 24 24 30 30 45 45 60 75
Max overall dimensions of suspender mm Ø600*1200 Ø700*1200 Ø1000*1600 Ø1200*1800 Ø1400*2200 Ø1600*2300 Ø1800*2500 Ø3000*3000


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