Using Skills for Table Shot Blasting Machines

Using Skills for Table Shot Blasting Machines

A shot blasting machine is a kind of machine which has been used for surface treatment in European and American developed countries. The first shot blasting equipment in the world was invented a hundred years ago. After hundred years' development, the treatment process and equipment of shot blasting are quite mature now. Shot blasting equipment is not only applied in to factories of heavy industries. With the first horizontal movable shot blasting equipment was being invented by BLASTRAC, the application areas of shot blasting machines are expanded rapidly. 

Shot blasting machines are operated by controlling and choosing grains' sizes and shapes of abrasive material, adjusting and setting shot blasting machines' speeds, controlling distributions of abrasive materials to get different intensity of blasting, and obtain different surface treatment.

Rotary table shot blasting machines use steel shots to uniformly hit surfaces of workpieces by variable frequency blast wheels, and steel shots' rates of coverage should be over 98% in order to achieve strengthening effects of workpieces.

Table shot blasting machines are mainly used for shot blasting of castings with large and medium sizes and forgings, and they are mainly used for removing rust and oxide skin which are on the surfaces of workpieces so as to make the natural colors of workpieces' surface appear, to eliminate internal stresses of workpieces, to improve fatigue resistance of workpieces, to increase adhesion of paint's film during workpieces' painting processes and to finally improve surface and inner quality of workpieces. 

When a table shot blasting machine is working, sometimes too big vibration happens, which will cause abnormal noise and even damage to the table shot blasting machine.

Tips as follows can help you to check whether there is a malfunction or not. 

Check whether there is serious worn or unbalanced running for the blades of table shot blasting machines or not. If it is, change the blade immediately.

Check whether the impeller wheel is seriously worn or not. If it is, change the impeller wheel immediately.

Check whether the bearing is burnt out or not. If it is, change it immediately and add grease.

Check whether the fixed bolt of shot blasting machines is loose or not. If it is, fasten it.

Using skills
Put workpieces in blasting areas as much as possible when the shot blasting machine is working, which will increase cleaning efficiency, reduce wear of backplates and prolong service lives of table shot blasting machines.

When the workpiece can not be added, the control cage should be adjusted to let the steel shot blasted on workpieces as much as possible, which will increase the service life of the backplate and reduce the wear.

The dust collector system should be adjusted to all gates to make reasonable distribution of wind and to improve the dust removal effect.

The dust collector should be cleaned regularly.