The Reasons for Not Choosing Second-hand Through-type Shot Blasting Machines

The Reasons for Not Choosing Second-hand Through-type Shot Blasting Machines

The second-hand shot blasting machine is popular among a certain group of audience due to its low price. However, there will be greater disadvantages if we choose second-hand through-type shot blasting machines.

The reasons for not choosing second-hand through-type shot blasting machines such as roller conveyor shot blasting machines mainly include the following two aspects. 

Shot blasting machiens belong to self-destructive equipment.
The process of cleaning workpieces is completed by equipment's ego depletion, and various wear resistant parts will reach a certain extent of wear after being used for a long time. It is necessary for you to change various vulnerable and wear resistant parts if you purchase second-hand through-type shot blasting machines, which will  bring about additional expenditures. If the second-hand through-type shot blasting machine is produced by individual factories, whose parts are not with the national standard, then there will be even higher investment costs.

Besides, in order to ensure the smooth and safe running of the second-hand through-type shot blasting machine, you should not only completely check the whole equipment but also thoroughly repair it, and the manpower and material resources consumed during the whole process will be more than that of purchasing the brand new one. 

The after-sales service will be troublesome if purchasing the second-hand equipment.
The after-sales service guarantee of lossy equipment like shot blasting machines is usually one to three years according to the products' quality of different manufacturers. The manufacturers' after-sales service will usually interrupt or expire if you purchase the second-hand shot blasting machines, and therefore parts' replacement and breakdown maintenance will cost more money if there is something wrong with the equipment.

Therefore, it is not advised to purchase the second-hand shot blasting machines. Although there are certain advantages in prices when we compare the second-hand shot blasting machines with the brand new ones, lots of flaws still exist.

First of all, compared to the brand new shot blasting machines, the second-hand ones have certain degree of wear and tear and their service lives are certain reduced due to the repeated use. Besides, the spare parts should be checked before we use the second-hand shot blasting machine, which may bring about costs of the machine's maintenance. There is no doubt that such expenditure is not small and the cost performance is not higher than purchasing a brand new shot blasting machine. The safety of brand new machines can be guaranteed and the service lives of the brand new shot blasting machine will be longer than the second-hand ones'.