Auto Parts Hanger Shot Blasting Machine, Increase Roughness

Auto Parts Hanger Shot Blasting Machine, Increase Roughness

Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: JX-HTS-01 Hits: 124

Auto Parts Hanger Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer JX Offers Auto Parts Hanger Shot Blasting Machine, Increase Roughness, Raise Fatigue Strength.

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Detail Infomation

Increas roughness  Raise fatigue strength

Auto Parts Hanger Shot Blasting Machines, Hook Capacity - 100kg, 200kg, 300kg & 500kg (single/double door), is designed to handle mix load of medium & large components including fragile & irregular shapes. Small components can also be cleaned by loading into carrier basket. Various work handing schemes like straight, tee, y and continuous loop is possible. Machine can handle load upto 5000 kg/hanger or more.

Auto Parts Hanger Shot Blasting Machines are suitable for any type of castings, forgings and fabricated components for increasing roughness of surface and shot peening to raise fatigue strength.


1. Main blast cabinet with inspection door
2. Blast wheel units with drive mechanism.
3. Abrasive circulation unit
4. Bucket elevator unit
5. Abrasive separation/cleaning system with storage hopper
6. Dust collector with cleaning mechanism.
7. Roller conveyor system at inlet & outlet side.
8. Control panel with PLC control system.

Technical Parameters
Main Technical Parameter:
Size of Blasting Jobs:
Max. Size for work piece (diameter*height) Ф1100×1200mm.
Blast nozzles(2 set) diameter of impeller: ф250 mm.
Rotating speed: 2900r/min.
Max.volume for blasting: 2×180kg/min.
Power: 2×11kw.
Lifting Hook:
(double) Max. hangering weight: 1000kg.
Speed of autorotation: 2.8m/min.
Self-Rotating power: 0.55kw.
Running speed: 20m/min.
Walking power: 0.2kw.
lifting speed: 8m/min.
Lifting power: 1.5kw.
Pulse Jet Type 1 set:
Dust Collector Model SXLT-9.
Cartridge Filter: Φ325 × 660 mm.
Cartridge Filter Quantity: 9pcs.
Air Volume: 9500m3/hr.
Centrifugal Air Fan: 7.5kw.


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