Concrete Block Shot Blasting Machine

Concrete Block Shot Blasting Machine

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Concrete Block Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer JX Offers Concrete Block Shot Blasting Machine For Surface Roughening Treatment Of Concrete Blocks.

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Efficiently High quality Cost Effectively

The working principle of Concrete Block Shot Blasting Machine: different sized abrasive, thrown by the rapidly rotating blast wheel, is accelerated towards the surface being prepared.
Concrete block shot blast machine‚Äč is mainly used for surface roughening treatment of marbles, granites, concrete blocks, whose blast process creates a unique character of blocks. JX Concrete block blast shot machines perform efficiently and offers high quality blasting with low cost.

Concrete Block Shot Blasting Machine Details

Technical Parameters
Stone and Ceramic Shot Blasting Machines
Model DXSC-300 DXSC-800 DXSC-1000 dimension(width*height)(mm) 300*300 800*200 1000*200
Passing speed(m/min) 0.5-6 0.5-6 0.5-6

Blast wheel
Model DX034-I DX034-I DX034-I
Power(kw) 2*11 2*11 2*11

Dust collecting system
Total ventilation capacity(m3/h) 7000 10000 10000
Power(kw) 7.5 11 11
Total power(kw) 43.4 46.9 47.7


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