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Shot Blasting

The shot blasting machine is used in a closed circuit for the surface treatment of cast or forged metal products. It projects tiny abrasive particles of different shapes at high speed against a metal product to clean or confer particular characteristics to its surface.

JX shot blast equipment portfolio consists of various machine types, including the following: roller conveyor, hanger (hook type), rotary table, tumble belt, wire mesh belt and blast chamber blasting machines. JX shot blasting machines have a wide range of application in automobile industries, casting industries, steel structural industries, shipping industries, stone industries, etc. However, JX Blast also manufactures special machine designs like crankshaft and engine block blast machines, which meet all technical requirements for surface treatment in modern foundries, and are easily adapted to the individual customer’s specifications. These blast systems are specifically designed for desanding, descaling, deflashing and deburring of castings or heat treated components.

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Shot Blasting

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The QC has oversight of all painting operations, blasting and painting crews, and continually monitors the work being performed on a day to day basis. If issues come up, the QC is the person to accept/fail the work, cease operations, make necessary adjustments, monitor the crews work, and work with the crews to provide quality work.