Cautions for Installation of Shot Blasting Machines in New Environments (Part One)

Cautions for Installation of Shot Blasting Machines (Part One)

The history of the shot blasting machine
The first shot blasting machine of the world was produced by an American company in 1930s.

Chinese company began to produce the shot blasting machine in 1950s, mainly based on the imitation of the techniques from former Soviet Union.

The difference between shot blasting machines and peening machines is how the shot blasting treatment can be used for objects. With the shot blasting treatment, the machine can lower the fatigue life of parts when increasing strength of parts and the surface stresses of objects.

Almost every steel casting and ductile iron casting should be dealt with by the shot blasting treatment, which can not only remove the surface oxidation of castings, but also is a necessary procedure before the quality inspection of castings. For example, the chassis of the large stream turbine must go though the shot blasting treatment before the nondestructive testing (NDT) in order to ensure reliability of test results.

During the daily casting production, the shot blasting treatment is a necessary procedure to find out the surface defects of castings.

The surface treatment of non-ferrous castings, such as aluminium alloy castings and copper alloy castings, is to remove the burr, enhance the surface quality and improve the comprehensive quality of the die castings.

Cautions for installation of shot blasting machines in new environments
The shot blasting machine should be placed in the dry workshop and be kept away from rain, in case electrical components are damaged or abrasive materials are rusted.

If there is no special requirement, the dust collector can be placed in the open-air environment with the additional canopy.

If users plan to place the shot blasting machine outside the workshop, they should build a simple workshop for the machine in order to maintain the machine effectively. Meanwhile, users should consider factors such as the influence of the machine to the surroundings, convenience of transporting the workpiece and repairing the machine. By doing so, the effectiveness of the shot blasting machine's working performance can be maximized.

The shot blasting machine should be fixed on the ground to avoid vibration.

After the adjustment of the shot blasting machine, the machine are supposed to be operated smoothly. At the same time, certain conditions of the machine are not allowed to occur. For example, the machine is jammed and operated with a cacophony. 

The driving belt conveyor belt of the bucket elevator should be tightened during the installation process.