Operating Considerations for Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

Operating Considerations for Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine

1. Normally, Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine should be controlled by PLC. Detection device and positioning device for various parts should be placed by manual work first, then controlled by PLC.

2. Check the spacing and detection device regularly. Check the effectiveness of switches.

3. If the cleaning effect went worse, please check the air pressure of the steel pipe shot blasting mahine. The requirement of pressure is 0.6-0.7MPa. Spray nozzle blocked or not?(Detailed elimination method would be noted in the specification for shot blasting cans) Does the speed of the workpiece rotation device match the walking speed of the shot blasting tank car? (In order to improve the cleaning effect, you can adjust the speed of autorotation and walking speed of shot blasting tank car.)

4. Sealing chamber is not in the right place. Please check the spacing of sealing chamber. Does the stroke detection work effectively? Does the switch moves?

5. Lifting trolley is not flexible. Please check the hydraulic fluid. (If it is not enough, please add it. ) Lifting trolley has struck? (If there is, please eliminate it.)

6. Spray nozzle often blocked.
Please check the filter screen of shot blasting tank and segregator. Is the working environment clean enough?(If not, the steel shot would contain sundries. Besides, if the filter screen was damaged, the sundries would block the spray nozzle and sand valve.

7. Please pay attention: workpiece position should be firm and accurate. In order to ensure the sealing performance, the sealing specifications should match the workpiece specification.

Operating Considerations for Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine