Air Blast Chamber, Air Blasting Room

Air Blast Chamber, Air Blasting Room

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Air Blast Chamber Manufacturer Supplies Air Blast Chamber, Dust Collection, Abrasive Recovery, Abrasives Recycling, Etc. Blasting Equipment.

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Dust collection Abrasive recovery Abrasives recycling Blasting

Air Blast Chamber/Air Blasting Room: the operator is inside the room during the blasting process. A protective suit and a helmet protect the operator from abrasive impact, and a fresh air supply provides sufficient ventilation through the blaster's helmet.

Air Blast Chamber / Air Blasting Room can deal with any type of abrasive material, such as carbon steel grit, stainless steel grit, micro glass spheres, aluminum oxide, plastic abrasive materials, etc.

Air Blast Chamber, Air Blasting Room

Technical Parameters
Robotic Air Blasting System with Belt Conveyor
No. Model Size of room Size of jobs Spray gun quantity
1 DX-0606-M1 6000×6000×5000mm 3000×3000×2500mm 2
2 DX-0606-M2 6000×6000×6000mm 3000×3000×3500mm 2
3 DX-0806-M1 8000×6000×5000mm 5000×3000×2500mm 2
4 DX-0806-M2 8000×6000×6000mm 5000×3000×3500mm 2
5 DX-1006-M2 10000×6000×6000mm 7000×3000×3500mm 2
6 DX-1506-M2 15000×6000×6000mm 12000×3000×3500mm 2
7 DX-1508-M2 15000×8000×6000mm 12000×5000×3500mm 2
8 DX-1808-M2 18000×8000×6000mm 15000×5000×3500mm 4
9 DX-0806-M3 18000×10000×8000mm 15000×7000×5500mm 4
Above size of blasting room is for customers' reference. When you have different requirements, please let us know the size of blasting jobs, size of blasting room and quantity of spray guns, we can design blasting room according to your requirements.


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