Marble Shot Blasting Machine
Marble Shot Blasting Machine
Marble Shot Blasting Machine
Marble Shot Blasting Machine

Short Description

Model No.: JX-BSB-02 Hits: 62

Marble Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer JX Offers Belt Shot Blasting Machine for Marble, Tunnel-Pass-Through Type Shot Blasting Installation.
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Key Specifications / Features

Continuous feed type shot blasting machine is for marble, granite and natural stone products.
Tunnel– pass-through type shot blasting installation for the surface treatment of marble, granite and natural stones products as well as concrete and aggregate blocks to obtain a bush-hammered, flame treated, antique appearance finishing.
Each unit is provided with a steel mesh belt for the conveying of material and with a series of turbines for the propelling of metallic blast media.

The roughening is carried out with preset intensity by installing a variable speed drive for the turbines control in order to optimize the surface pressure of the metallic blast media. Very high productivity with very low operating cost, when compared to commonly used traditional systems. Possible simultaneous treatment of the top and side surfaces.

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